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A7 Processor for iPhone 5S Will Be 31% Faster than A6

A7 Processor for iPhone 5S Will Be 31% Faster than A6

by Naveed A LodhiAugust 26, 2013

Smartphone iPhone 5S, an official announcement is scheduled for September 10, in addition to improved main camera, LED flash, and a fingerprint reader will get a powerful mobile processor Apple A7. It will be 64-bit smartphone. This was reported today blogger Clayton Morris of Fox News.

According to Clayton Morris, cell A7 processor really is a 64 bit unlike previous models “apple” chips, but will be more efficient in terms of resource usage and performance. It will run 31% faster than the chip A6, set in the current flagship smartphone A6.

In addition, the iPhone 5S will be built in a single chip to track movements, which will be directly linked to the main camera smartphone.

The expert also noted that the new processor will also make a smoother animation on the iPhone 5S and graphics in general thus resulting in good camera experience for taking pictures and creating quality videos.

Photo: iphone-mods

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