April 26, 2014

A Team of 100 People Working on the New Apple Device

Apple company employs about 100 people on a project to create a "smart" clock of a flexible glass . The team, which was formed last year, includes managers, marketers, developers and industrial designers who previously worked on the iPhone and tablet iPad.

In the development of "i-hours", in particular, the participation of senior technical director James Foster and Apple manager Akim Pentferder, transmits Bloomberg citing sources close to the company. Such a large group of talented staff says that Apple is engaged in a project in earnest. According to one source, the company experimented with eletronikoy worn in the past, but never shows it on the market.

"'I-clock' fill in the gaps in the ecosystem of Apple, - sure Bruce Tognazzini, a technology consultant and former employee of Apple, -" As is the case with other revolutionary products Apple, by the time they start undervalued, but then will have a strong impact on our lives and the state of Apple ". In the company declined to comment.

Firing "smart" watches, Apple may open a new sector in consumer electronics. That debut iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010, led to the emergence of the market touchscreen smartphones and tablets, which were later joined by companies such as Google, Samsung and Microsoft.

Previously, we reported that the technology giant Apple has decided to develop an arrangement in the form of wristwatches. Now, Bloomberg, citing its own sources, reports that the development of "smart clock" by a team of a hundred people.

The team includes programmers, hardware, as well as marketers and managers.

It is expected that the new device can sync iPhone with smartphones and tablets iPad, but at the same time, users will be able to use it as a standalone device.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is in talks with Foxconn on the production of "smart watches". Primary source also said that the company is working on a display for the new energy-efficient unit.

For its part, Apple has refused to comment on the new device. It is quite possible that the company-Insert not really engaged in the development of "smart watches".

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