October 23, 2015

A New Whole Lot Features Added to iPhone 6S

It is a well-known fact that Apple has always been paying more attention towards the design of its all gadgets rather than the features. The reason is that it wants to keep its features unique and to prevent the features being widely adopted by its competitors. The new features and upgrades are added in a year or two. In the recent event at San Francisco, Apple unveiled many of the surprises. Apple 6S is one of them. Everybody was thinking that 6S and 6S+ will be the predecessor of the previous models, but this time it totally gave a surprise. The older versions iPhone 5 has not these features. Apple claimed the addition of 18 new features to S6.


The prominent and most fascinating features are given below.

  • 3D touch

Apple brings forward a complete new technology of “3D Touch” in S6. It senses the extent of the pressure user puts on screen and then functions accordingly. There are two terms associated with it. One is “Peek” and the other is “Pop”. Both refer to different functionalities. If you press lightly it is Peek and in this case only content will be displayed. Pop occurs when user taps the screen harder. If a user is checking email id and he presses lightly over any mail it will show the message while pressing harder will open up the email. This technology works with App icons as well for the provision for easier access and quick response. Keyboard can also be changed to trackpad to have a deep look on documents using 3D technology.

iPhone 3D Touch

  • Live Photos

Another prominent feature is Live Photos. Apart from taking a still picture, it captures the video of that moment before and after clicking picture. This video also has the audio of that time. That is the unique way of saving the moments.

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  • Processor

The processor that is being incorporated is A9 chip. It gives the desktop level performance. A9 provides 70 % better performance than the previous A8 and in terms of graphics it excels up to 90%.  Further for the aid of A9 chip M9 co-processor it keeps the track about health and the performance of the processor.

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  • Faster Touch ID

Even better security is being provided now with Touch ID. It is three times faster than the previous version available. It allows the user to unlock the phone lets you make purchases directly from Apple pay.


  • 12 MP rear camera

iSight takes 12 MP pictures allowing vivid memories to be preserved with two-tone flash. It’s a massive upgrade. A new image processor and advanced better pixel technology and focus pixels has been introduced.

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  • 5MP front facing camera

Keeping in mind the trend of selfies, iSight 5MP has been introduced with a true- tone flash as well. Flash is there for the perfect match and for elimination of face wash out problem

  • 4K videos

It is capable of capturing 4K videos that four-time better than HD quality videos. Zoom in up to 8 million pixels can be done. Now the auto-stabilization feature is available for videos as well.

  • iOS 9

though the design of the model is kept the same but operating system being used has totally changed the interface and its quite fun to work in a changed environment. With iOS 9 desktop level functionalities can be achieved.

5 (2)

  • Faster WI-FI

The web can be browsed at much faster speeds and apps will respond quickly as well. This is because of the use of LTE. iPhone 6 23 bands in LTE that is the maximum number of bands for any smartphone. WI-FI connectivity will be twice as well and up to 866 Mbps over WI-FI is possible. And via Bluetooth Apple watch, speakers and a number of devices can be connected. As connectivity to net is faster and also speed is twice as before so this in actual is a two in one feature.

  • High-Quality Call

Crystal clear calls can be made because of use of LTE; it is wideband having high quality. Voice call and the browsing over web can be done simultaneously. Even when you are off the cellular network WI-FI facilitates high-quality calls.

  • Hey Siri

Hey Siri feature is still present, but instead of plugging the device and press the Home button you just have to say Hey Siri and you’ll be using this feature without any effort. It has been given a new interface and 40X better performance than before.

  • Stronger Glass

Most of the users nowadays use mobile phones in a careless manner and they are habitual of dropping it often. Apple claims that the glass being used is the stronger glass ever. So it will increase the protection.

Buying Suggestion

To those who have been using iPhone the 3D Touch and Live Photos are not so appealing features. The camera resolution has its own power and is something to look toward. Battery life is not improved. But if you are really iPhone fan it is something to look forward upon.


Written by: Sidra Aleem

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