5 Predictions for Google in 2013


The year 2012 may be a great moment for Google. In 2012, they launched a variety of devices and introduced Google Nexus Project Glass. In 2013, Google believed to be launching several new products in order to replace old products, which might still be used or they might mark them obsolete.  A question arises in mind, approximately how many and more importantly what new product or innovation that Google will introduce in 2013? Here are prediction of 5 things that will be done by Google in 2013, as quoted by CNET.

1. The New Nexus series. In 2012, Google launched the Nexus three series at the same time, the Nexus tablet Nexus 7 and 10, plus a series of smartphones, the Nexus 4. Until now, Google did not disclose the exact amount of the sale of the three devices. However, many predict the Nexus series met with great success in the market. This is evident from the small number of stock tablet and smartphone devices on the market. Based on that success, Google is believed to be the step on the gas in the hardware market. Internet giant is expected to launch the Nexus 7 new series in the event Google I / O in May 2013. Addition to that, there is the possibility of Google introduces new smartphone Nexus and Nexus update from 10 in 2013.

2. Android will be the top choice of application developers? In December 2011, Google officials predict developers will prioritize Android instead of other smartphones. The developers believed would prefer to develop applications for Android first, then on the other platforms. Unfortunately, that prediction a bit off the mark. Until now, developers prefer to develop applications for iOS first. More likely, it can happen because of the reputation of Android users are more difficult to monetize. It’s no secret, when the app store Apple’s App Store has a far greater revenue than Google Play, which is about 300 percent. However, it seems to be little changed in 2013. Thanks to this behavior Nexus 10 will be available easily at the markets, the developers began again active in launching applications for Android-based tablet devices. Also, the number of applications between Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store was already almost the same.

3. Glasses future Google began to circulate. How does the world react? Glasses on display in front of the Google smart application developers who come to the conference Google I / O 2012 in San Francisco, U.S., on Wednesday (27/06/2012). Glasses were eventually named Google Glass Explorer Edition can be ordered starting at a price of 1,500 U.S. dollars. At the beginning of 2013, these glasses will eventually be sent to the developers who ordered the device. Since the beginning of its introduction, as well as PC’s glasses get a sloping of the observers. They put out a great question, who wants to use the computer in the head? Now, the developers are already receiving device must be able to give a little real answers to these questions.

4. Search Engine better. If Google did not launch a product search engine at the beginning of his career, most likely these companies will not be as big as it is today. Earlier in its career, Google managed to resist the domination of corporate search engines, i.e. Yahoo. In 2013, Google is expected to enhancing product that has raised its reputation in the open web world. With the new database consisting of the data of 500 million people, objects and places, are believed to be able to display the Google search engine is more accurate, fast and advanced in 2013.

5. Where are you taking the product Q? In 2012, Google launched a product called Q. Q is a tool that allows users to stream video through Google Play Store and YouTube. Many who sneer Google’s decision to launch the device given the limitations of video streaming options it provides. However, Google is believed to be doing something with Q in 2013. Analysts estimate is preparing something new for this device.

Salute for Google for providing such an ease and comfort for the users around the world despite of the region or country, if not imagine this world without Google.

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