3DMark is available on the Windows platform RT


The company Futuremark announced the release of the promised earlier version of 3DMark test platform for Microsoft Windows RT. The package is available for free download from the App Store Windows Store and test the performance of the device not only in comparison with devices based on Windows RT, but also in comparison with devices based on other platforms.

Points 3DMark, obtained by testing for Windows RT, are comparable with the results of appropriate tests for Windows-based systems, Android-devices and tablets iPad. Statistics on the performance of the most popular devices available on the official website of Futuremark .

3DMark for Windows RT includes only the simplest modes for testing DirectX 9 class, which are available in editions for Android and iOS: Ice Storm (two graphics tests in 720p resolution and a test of physics), Ice Storm Extreme (the same tests at 1080p with better quality textures and effects of post-treatment), and a special mode Ice Storm Unlimited, excluding the impact of the test on the vertical sync, screen resolution and other factors operating system.

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