July 11, 2016

2016 Proved as Social Entrepreneurship for Businesses

We all have been listening to this from our childhood: It is better to give than to receive. However now it has become an old fashioned thing. This has happened because of the continuous evolution of industry and entrepreneurship. Things have been changing rapidly. People are now changing the pre-defined things and bringing revolution.

Dan Pallotta said that things had changed now completely. If someone wants to sell out some violent games to kids, he will earn more than he can. However if someone is serving a noble cause like running a campaign of malaria to save people, then he will not earn as much as that of the previous example.

During old days people concern was to work on their private firms. With time they made their businesses public. They kept doing things to their best and after an extended period, they got benefits. After that, they can establish them and get themselves established and then help others.

Businesses that did good in year 2016 so far

Following are some of the businesses that did well this year.

  • Yoga Girl

One cannot think that yoga can bring much to you as profit. However, Rachel Brathen got her million of followers with her Yoga Girl. It became New York bestselling book. Furthermore, she also gained a significant number of audiences by having an account on Instagram with the same name.

OneoEight.tv is the channel she uses. She makes use of this channel to give services related to yoga, health, and meditation. She has the aim of connecting people that are needy with teachers who can offer them services. So she had this in mind: “what can be done if social media is taken as a social mission.”

As a result of it, she started 109 World, which is a social website. The motive of this site is to bring a solution for the globally urgent issues. These include food, water pollution, and gender inequality issues.

OneoEight.tv Webpage Screenshot


  • SafePoint Trust

Marc Koska’s dream from ten years was to bring inexpensive and non-reusable syringes for underfunded clinics. SafePoint Trust brought up a tool that delivered four billion vaccines in 40 countries.

In 2015 Koska was listed as Social Entrepreneur of the Year by The Schwab Foundation.

SafePoint Trust Website Screenshot

  • Better World Books

The efforts in 2002 to collect money for selling the books that were not needed by a trio in Notre Dame were made. However, this purpose changed into operation to prop up literacy. All this brought to the foundation Better World Books.

One of the co-founders Kreece Fuchs of Better World Books said that” if we had many books and we resell them to spread the knowledge in them. How much betterment can be brought into the world by this simple act?

With the help of Xavier Helgesen, Jeff Kurtzman, and many others Better World Books got donation over 200 million books, 236 million books were recycled and reused, with more than $23 million for literacy and libraries.

·         TOMS

Blake Mycoskie in 2006 laid the foundation of TOMS. It is a company that utilizes One for One business model. According to Mycoskie, he started TOMS when in 2006 he witnessed the crisis in South Africa. Many of children had no shoes. He said that he had not enough fashion sense, but he had the knowledge about how a business should be launched.

Company’s policy is that for every item being purchased, an item is given to someone who is in need. By the launch of TOMS Social Entrepreneurship Fund, he motivated others to come up with the ideas to solve the persisting problems.

TOMS Social Entrepreneurship Fund Website Screenshot

Good Eggs

Not all the organizations bring out a global impact. Some of them have a local social impact on their surroundings. Good Eggs is one of them.  It is an online grocery. Its area of the target is San Francisco and over there mainly Bay area. Today’s world is full of technology and advancement. People have busy schedules, and they often tend to compromise their food choices. Its motive is to bring out the fresh and healthy food. Food stuff from farmers is provided to the door of locals. “Better food leads to better world” is the motto of Good Eggs.

How to add Social Entrepreneurship to Your Organization

The above-listed businesses have the motive to do good and bring out good in the world too. However, it is the real question that how can you bring profits on your side as well, and increase social impact as well. Following key points can help you add social entrepreneurship to your business.

  • Be honest with your goals and motives
  • Analyze what is the real reason behind your mission
  • Do your business according to your mission
  • Remain motivated to achieve your goals at first place
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